1.0.1 Patch is Live!

Our 1.0.1 hotfix build is live! Thanks to players for reporting some of these issues. If you see anything odd, you can report it to us on the forums or through email at hello@goldenglitch.com.


  • Changed keyboard movement to better align with castle geometry.
  • Added more nuanced dialogue to several events and present scenes.
  • Removed some redundant notifications when invited to events.


  • Corrected various typographical errors.
  • Fixed various inconsistencies with events.
  • Prevented Ophelia from sinking into stairs when talking to people.
  • Fixed conditions for being kicked out of a certain restricted room.
  • Prevented characters from crossing oceans to take Ophelia to events.
  • Prevented a certain funeral from being planned multiple times.

The Golden Glitch Team

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