1.2.0 Patch - Controller Support is Here!

A few exciting things have been added to Elsinore, and more updates are coming in the next couple months. As with our past updates, when you update to this patch, your game saves will be advanced to the next time loop. All progress made during your most recent loop will be preserved (just as if you hit the reset button). If you experience any issues, please reach out to us on the forums or through email at hello@goldenglitch.com.


  • The game should now fully support controllers across all platforms. We spent a while iterating on our controller support in the hope of giving you a fairly robust, polished experience which makes Elsinore as enjoyable to play on controller as on PC. Please feel free to leave us feedback on the discussion boards letting us know how you feel about it!
  • We've added some additional conversations with characters for certain pieces of information.
  • We've fixed a lot of bugs, including making the tutorial more usable and implementing solutions for a few game-breaking issues. We'll spare you the gritty details. 

    The Golden Glitch Team 


    elsinore-windows.zip 585 MB
    Version 10 Oct 01, 2019
    elsinore-macos.zip 589 MB
    Version 10 Oct 01, 2019
    elsinore-linux.zip 589 MB
    Version 6 Oct 01, 2019

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