1.1.0 Patch is Out!

We've released version 1.1.0 with some bugfixes and improvements. Due to the number of changes and fixes, game saves will be advanced to the next time loop. All progress made during your most recent loop will be preserved (as if you hit the reset button). If you have any problems our questions, please reach out to us on the forums or through email at hello@goldenglitch.com.


  • Added button to the timeline that allows players to travel to the location of ongoing or upcoming events.
  • Added several additional responses from characters for relevant hearsay.
  • Stopped camera moving when present menu is up.
  • Expanded scenes with various new dialogue and animation.
  • Clarified the text of the timeline tutorial.
  • Improved following characters through doorways.


  • Fixed issue where player could get stuck between the grounds and the path.
  • Made certain objects are now solid and cannot be walked through.
  • Fixed so that preferences are no longer erroneously reset after the prologue.
  • Prevented events from interrupting certain others in the middle.
  • Cleaned up logic around a certain character's presence on the wall.
  • Corrected various typographical errors.

The Golden Glitch Team

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